What We Do.

Yardline Mini-Mix is a company that owns and operates small concrete mixers that are 1/3 the size of the big mixers. We can deliver 1 to 3.25 yards of concrete. Under certain circumstances delivery of less than a yard is possible. Our smaller size means our mixers only weigh 26,000 pounds fully loaded and require much less clearance than a full size mixer. In comparison, a full size mixer loaded with 3.25 yards of concrete weighs 50,000 pounds and needs 14 feet of clearance. That’s nearly twice the weight and half again the clearance of our truck! Our smaller size allows us to access and maneuver more easily in tighter areas and places, much less weight on yards and driveways.

Who Are We?

The original Mini-Mix was established in the Dayton, Ohio area in 1995. After 17 years of delivering small loads of concrete, ownership changed hands and was renamed Yardline Mini- Mix. The current owners are Norm and Melodie Spencer.  Along with the new ownership, a unique, new look was established.  In keeping with the football theme of our new name and motto “Small Jobs Score BIG”, we also rolled out the “football” truck in 2013.  As eye-catching as our new football truck is, it is our top priority to continue providing small loads of high quality, ready mixed concrete to our customer. We take great pride in providing professional and courteous customer service. Yardline is a unique small business offering a time, cost and labor (back) saving way of helping our customers be more efficient in completing their concrete projects.

Why Yardline Mini-Mix?

Smaller trucks mean less weight on sidewalks, driveways, yards, curbs, etc.

Easier access for small jobs in tight areas.

Why Ready Mix over Bag Concrete?


More economical.


Better quality


Better consistency and finished look


No lifting of heavy bags


No mixing required

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